What does it mean to LIVE by example?

LIVE is more than a word, it’s a lifestyle. It’s a form of reference to remind us of our mission and the responsibilities we have as role models and socially responsible individuals. We strive to Learn about the issues that are directly affecting the community we are so desperately trying to help. We Imagine a world rid of heart disease and we use our Voices to raise awareness and share the many ideas we have to create a better world. Lastly but certainly not least, we Educate ourselves and our peers so that we are armed with the knowledge and resources needed to fight heart disease head on.


There are many issues that directly affect the youth of our nation. In order to solve those problems we must first know what they are. Visit us often for news and updates.





Imagine life without heart disease. Imagine life without worries. What a wonderful world it could be!

The Jason Thompson Foundation believes that with imagination the possibilities are endless.

Great success starts with great ideas and ideas start with imagination.


Speak up, speak out and share your ideas. Here at the Jason Thompson Foundation we believe that communication is key. We encourage children to express themselves and socialize in positive ways.

One voice can reach millions. Your voice speaks volumes.


The Jason Thompson Foundation understands the important role education can play in shaping ones future. It is our wish to equip parents, children and our peers with the knowledge and skills needed to tackle the issues that matter most. Creating healthy lifestyles starts with educating ourselves and each other.