The Jason Thompson Foundation is a 501 (C) (3) organization dedicated to creating healthy lifestyles for children and young adults by providing the resources and social support needed to live each day as active heart-healthy individuals. To LIVE by example and bring awareness to heart disease.


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Here at the Jason Thompson Foundation, LIVE is more than a word, it's a lifestyle. It's a form of reference to remind us of our mission and the responsibilities we have as role models and socially responsible individuals. Discover what it means to LIVE  .      

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The Jason Thompson Foundation believes that small efforts can add up to big changes. It is our responsibility to create these changes by providing accessible resources to those who need it most. With the aid and support of the community and like-minded charitable givers we can continue to make a difference and change lives

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Learn about the Jason Thompson Foundation from JT himself. As part of the CBS Sports Buick Human Highlight Reel President and CEO Jason Thompson along with Vice President Crystal Carroll explain the inspiration behind the foundation and the steps we take towards creating a healthy and happy world for student athletes and young adults. Join us in our fight against heart disease.